Random Sites I’ve Used to Make Money

Big claims are all over the internet. Lots of sites don’t walk their own talk.

I’ve had a few experiences with sites like this. As someone always keen to look for ways to supplement my main income I’ve come across them from time to time. That’s why I’m a big fan and advocate of paid surveys. It’s by far the best way I’ve found to provide a consistent stream of money for my extra time that always delivers. Plus it is takes the least effort.

So while I love paid survey sites I have used (and occasionally still use) some other sites.



Upwork is like Monster for the internet. Upwork lets peope post “jobs” (which could be actual jobs or short term contracts or even small scale projects) for freelancers and the like to apply for. The work available is quite varied although there’s a lot of technical and digital jobs as well as a lot of writing work (which is what I went after). Upwork was formerly known as oDesk and has bought up many of its largest competitors. There’s a lot of work on offer.

The money these jobs offer varies widely and can be quite low – there’s freelancers from all over the work.

At first I quite liked working on Upwork. It was my first online “side job”. I’d get somewhere between £10 and £20 for writing website or blog articles that would take somewhere between one to three hours. It wasn’t bad money when I got it.

My main issue with Upwork is that it can get very competitive – more so as time went on. Sometimes I was a good fit and got a job easy. Other times people were after the cheapest they could get and thered be freelancers offering to do an hours work for just a coupe of quid. Plus being creative could be tough and I found there were easier ways to earn some dosh.

I’ve tried other freelancing sites (aside from those that focus on specialty like design) and those that haven’t been bought up by Upwork tend to have less jobs but no less competition.



The concept behind Fiverr is simple: people offering a service for US $5. However most of the money comes in upselling and offering more or advanced services on top of that basic one.

I found Fiverr easy to use and make money from but the money wasn’t always that consistent.

Getting paid was never an issue though. As long as I did what I said I would customers were happy.

I started off offering 500 word articles for $5 (gotta start somewhere right?) and got clients and this helped lead to more business as I got some good reviews. From there I started charging a bit more and offering longer articles.

There is a lot of clever up-selling so it is possible to make decent money if you get into it.

In fact there’s a lot of cool stuff on Fiverr in general. I’ve bought a few things off there myself!


What sites do you use to make money online? Let me know in the comments below.