How much can you REALLY earn with paid surveys?

Views about online surveys differ from one person to another based on their experience, but the two main things I hear are either:

  1. People love taking online surveys and getting paid to share their opinions.
  2. People consider online surveys as a big SCAM.

With these views of paid online surveys differing so much, who should you believe? Can you really earn money from doing these surveys and if so, how much?

First things first, you cannot expect online surveys to provide for your everyday living or to make you rich. This would be an unrealistic expectation. However, what paid surveys can do is supplement your pocket money.

I am someone who does enjoy completing online surveys and receiving the extra money these surveys provide me with.

Though I earn a modest amount of money from these sites, I am not in control of my earnings. Some sites regularly send me offers while others rarely do.

Income from online surveys may never be consistent – but that’s okay. It’s a reason why I sign up to as many sites as possible so that I always have a survey to complete.

So how much do I actually earn from online surveys?

A slow week

A slow week for me is where I receive a few survey offers at best. This appears to be seasonal. The money I earn will depend on the survey type and length offered to me and I can generally earn around up to £10 – £15.

Many of the online survey sites I’m signed-up to do have some great perks and benefits, such as earning extra points just by inviting a friend to register. Sometimes I do this during a slow week to increase my income. I can also request to test products among other things.

A good week

I usually get one good week in a month which is A-Okay for me. I can earn up to £150 and sometimes even more. It’s important to prioritize surveys so I make sure I complete only the best survey offers. I also look to redeem the best deals so that I can make maximum use of the points I have available.

Is it worth it?

I personally find doing paid online surveys to be worth it. I get to share my opinion and experience of brands and products while earning anywhere from £10-£150 weekly. I find myself looking forward to receiving survey offers via email or SMS, and while some surveys are fun, some are challenging to complete.

For me, extra income is always a good thing – and I know many of you will agree with me on that.