Paid Surveys Review: Nomadic Insights – August 2023

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Good day my paid survey fanatic fan base. Today I will talk about Nomadic Insights, a nifty ole paid survey platform you can earn extra money on. Nomadic Insights is a lesser known but lucrative paying website where you can earn extra money and has extra bonus areas to make money.

Nomadic Insights is a safe, legit, and secure website that values data privacy. You can earn money by doing paid surveys, focus groups, online 1 on 1 interviews, home usage, and patient caregiver insights. I love the many avenues to earn money on Nomadic Insights besides just paid surveys. The healthcare community is a cool niche they offer.

Click the link below to get going on Nomadic Insights to earn extra quid.

The mission at Nomadic Insights is to use market research to help make our members’ lives better. They do this by using the earnings we receive from market research to fund the member services team. You can do highly paid online market research focus groups, 1on1 online interviews, home usage studies, paid surveys, and caregiver and patient research.

Get Signed Up:

The registration process is easy and just give out your basic information. You will need to invest the time to complete the questionnaires to give your specialised background to receive targeted survey offers for even higher paying jobs. Get that extra quid in your pocket.

There will be a survey waiting for you to complete right away after sign up. Maybe if you qualify one of the cool home usage studies will be there for you.

Earn Money:

The high paying jobs on Nomadic Insights can earn extra money around £60 to £120 per hour. The barrier to withdraw your first cash is pretty low at £5 and you can get Visa gift cards or other gift cards to receive your hard earned money.

Some of the paid surveys can earn you up to £50 – I know right lots of cash. You may not have these higher pay jobs right off the bat so I encourage you to put in the time to build your profile on this website.

What Else Does Nomadic Insights offer you may ask – Well some cool stuff that will really be a benefit for some of my readers. You can get access to career development help, longer term paid studies, patient advocacy services, and some secret insider member services you learn about once you join.

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Positive and Negative about Nomadic Insights:

Positive Things: A diverse set of things to earn money from and a few ways to earn cash like 1 on 1 interviews, a caregiver survey niche. Low threshold to get paid is really nice and lot’s of escalators to earn extra money.

Negative Things: Not as many options every day like the big players in the survey game, so you need to check your email and log in often to see what is available for you. You need to put in the time to earn the big pay days and the user interface needs a refresh I think.

And that is my spare thoughts on Nomadic Insights – Get signed up and earn extra cash in your paid survey fanatical lifestyle.

By David Hutchison

David is a survey fanatic who has been earning money from online surveys for over 2 years. He works a full time job and uses paid surveys as an additional income.