Top 8 Highest Paid Surveys 2019 You Should Do Right Now

a list of the highest paying online surveys 2019

With so many sites offering online surveys for cash, now is the best time to get paid to do surveys.

But if you’re going to spend time to complete surveys for cash, it’s wise to join sites offering the best rate for your time. So what are the best paid survey sites to earn cash for surveys? 

I’ve made it easy for you by listing the highest paid survey sites in the UK below.

If you want to get started now and now read an article, I recommend starting with Toluna, Opinion Bureau and Swagbucks.

Comparison of the Highest Paid Surveys Sites 2019

Compare the sites with the highest paying surveys 2019 below…

SitePoints = £1Min. WithdrawalRewardsJoin
Opinion BureauNo points system£10Gift Voucher + PayPalSign Up
YouGov100£50CashSign Up
LifePoints200£5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
Toluna3000£5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
i-Say140£5Gift VoucherSign Up
Swagbucks100£5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
20£2.50Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
5£5PayPalSign Up

Opinion Bureau

The first site in my list offering the highest paid surveys is Opinion Bureau. In fact, when people ask me what are the highest paying survey sites, I always mention this site. I’ve been a member for a while and regularly receive invitations to complete some of the best paid surveys paying up to £10.

With some of the best paying surveys online, they are relatively quick and easy to answer, focusing heavily on interactions with brands. Their rewards are also convenient with Opinion Bureau offering online surveys that pay cash via PayPal. You can also opt to receive gift cards from other outlets like Amazon and Flipart.

While not all surveys pay at the higher end, they offer higher paying surveys more frequently than other sites which is why they feature high in my top paid surveys review.

Click here to sign up to Opinion Bureau.


The next best paying online survey sites offering top paid surveys is YouGov. Despite the name, the company does not have any affiliation with the government, however they are one of the more high profile legitimate paid survey sites, and as such offer some of the highest paying online surveys.

YouGov’s high pay surveys pay up to £10, however it is more common to receive offers to get paid for online surveys around the £5 mark. The site employees a point system whereby 100 points is equivalent to £1.

To ensure you receive the best offers to do surveys for money, it’s imperative that you fill in all required profile information, as success with YouGov is highly dependent on matching their demographics to get their top best paid surveys.

Click here to sign up to YouGov.


Another site where you can get paid to take surveys is LifePoints. As this list focuses on the highest paid survey sites, LifePoints may not scream out as one of the best paid survey websites. However, the regularity of survey invitations I receive means they offer me some of the best surveys that pay money.

LifePoints high paying surveys UK also have a simplified rewards structure which means it’s easy to get money for doing surveys. I can transfer points, known as Life Points, directly to my PayPal account or receive them via a gift voucher with well known retailers.

There are also opportunities to receive products in the mail in return for a review or you can make Life Points by doing other things, like keeping a journal of what activities you do.

Click here to sign up to LifePoints.


While it doesn’t feature at the top of this list, Toluna is my all time favourite site to complete surveys for money. This is because they offer me so many opportunities to take surveys for money. In fact, the first £10 I ever earned from online surveys was from Toluna. There’s also comfort in that they’ve been operating a long time and are known to offer legit surveys for money.

Surveys that pay cash generally pay around £3… not the best, but if you’re lucky, you can be invited to participate in more in-depth market research where you earn a lot more. Here you can get paid to do surveys paying up to to £75!

They also have a great rewards centre with plenty of options, including the ability to transfer points via PayPal to your bank account. They provide plenty of support to teach you how to make money from surveys, as well regular prize draws and an active online community.

Click here to sign up to Toluna.

Ipsos i-Say

The next site in my list offering the best online surveys for money is Ipsos i-Say, more affectionately known as simply ‘i-Say’.

I experimented with this site early on to get paid to do online surveys and to see if they offer legit surveys for money, and they checked out. I’ve had great success with them due to their simple layout and transparency and found them the best website for paid surveys. They always tell me how much I’ll earn and how long surveys take, and email frequent reminders.

While they do offer limited rewards, the ability to make money doing online surveys is there. They also frequently have special offers for completing their legit paid surveys.

Click here to sign up to Ipsos i-Say


Another great site among the highest paying survey sites is Swagbucks.

Not only does this site offer some of the highest paying surveys online, but it also offers numerous other ways to make money, from downloading and playing games to simply searching using their browser.

They are among the highest paying survey sites that pay via PayPal, making it super easy to receive cash for surveys. The threshold required (and wait time) is more or less on par with highest paying survey websites – £5 and between 1 to 3 weeks to receive payments.

Click here to sign up to Swagbucks.

Opinion Outpost

One of the new favourite highest survey paying sites is Opinion Outpost. Not only does this site offer some of the highest pay surveys, but it also pays via PayPal instantly. Most of the time you’ll receive your PayPal payment within 15 minutes.

Each Opinion Outpost survey I’ve completed has paid a bit over £2 each. Although this isn’t much, what really makes them one of the highest paying legit survey sites is the amount of survey offers I receive.

Nearly every day I have a survey offer waiting for me, and with instant cash out, they are some of the most convenient of the highest paying online surveys.

Click here to sign up to Opinion Outpost.


The final highest paying online survey site in my list is MoBrog. This site pays between £0.50 and £5 on average. While at the lower end it may seem like they don’t qualify for the highest paid online surveys UK, most of the offers I receive are at the higher end.

The surveys I receive that pay less than the highest paid online surveys are very short.

Like most of the highest paying online survey sites, MoBrog pays via PayPal, making their high paid online surveys easy and convenient.

Click here to sign up to MoBrog.


If you’re looking for more top paid survey sites you can find them here.