The Paid Online Surveys 2020 That Make The Most Money

What UK paid survey sites trade cold hard cash for your time? Sine I’ve become a bit of an expert on survey sites I get this question lots.

Lots of paid survey sites off gift vouchers or some other form of merchandise. That’s not bad but if you’re like me you want to be able to spend the rewards of your labours however we like. I’ve yet to find a voucher that’ll let me buy a pint down at the pub. I understand the view of people who simply aren’t interested unless they’re converting their time into cash.

Luckily for those people – and me! – British paid online survey sites are a growing sector allowing you to get cash for online surveys.

Earning Cash From Online Surveys UK 2020

Why You Should Be Doing Online Surveys For Money

There is a lot of legitimate websites that offer paid online surveys in the UK. Market research is a big industry in itself and like lots of other industries it is moving online. Research companies and their clients need people’s opinions – your opinions – and are willing to spend the dosh to collect them.

For the rest of us this means doing an online survey for money is good way to get in on the act and get a bit of extra quid on top of your regular wage packet. The surveys you do will see real pounds go into your account for use of whatever you want or need rather than some gift certificate that might be a right pain to use…or just get lost.

But keep this in mind: a lot of people don’t have the patience to answer much if they aren’t getting paid there and then. I can understand that but it’s more useful for the survey companies to have people who front up regularly because they need the data. The more surveys you do the the more surveys you’ll be offered.

The best bit is that these surveys often don’t need huge amounts of time and can be often done with a mobile app allowing you to earn cash at home in front of the tellie, om the bus or even skiving off from work.

How You Collect from Paid Surveys

It’s worth pointing out that different survey companies pay differently although the main methods are payment via PayPal, transfer to a designated bank account and sometimes by cheque (yes, people still use them).

Typically you’ll get to choose what suits you best.

PayPal is often a great way to collect when the payment might be coming from outside Britain. From there you can send it to your bank account or just spend it through sites that use PayPal as a way to pay. I find it easier to use remember my PayPal details so I prefer using it and send a lump sum to my bank account every month.

A bank transfer means you have to provide your banking details to the site to let the deposit into your account. It works but is typically slower than receiving money via PayPal.

And for those people who still prefer a cheque keep in mind this is usually the slowest way to collect. This option is in decline, perhaps spurred on by attempts to ditch cheques here in the UK altogether.

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