9 Best Survey Apps UK: Find The Best Paid Survey App 2021

Are you looking for the best paid survey app from the best survey apps UK offers? Then this is the article for you.

I have tested the best paid survey apps UK offers and discovered the best survey apps that pay money for your time.

With so many sites claiming to be the best cash for surveys app, it’s hard to judge which sites actually do offer the the best survey money apps.

From my experience, when it comes to the best survey apps for money, I like to see sites that are easy to use, have regular survey opportunities and offer rewards you can actually claim.

All the sites below offer this. I recommend reading through the best survey for money apps reviews and signing up to all the sites that offer rewards you want!

Note this article only lists surveys for money app. If you’re interested in other top paid surveys, read this article.

A list of the best survey apps 2021.

Quickly Compare The Best Survey Apps UK

Find a free survey app and sign up from the best paying survey apps below. You can read reviews of each site in the best paid survey apps 2021 reviews below for more information on finding the best survey for money app.

SiteMin. WithdrawalRewardsJoin
i-Say£5Gift VoucherSign Up
Toluna£5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
Swagbucks£5Gift Voucher + PaypalSign Up
GFK MediaView PanelTicketsPrize DrawSign Up
£10Gift Voucher + PayPalSign Up
£5PayPalSign Up
Opinion Bureau£10Gift Voucher + PayPalSign Up
£10Gift VoucherSign Up
£5 - £10Gift VoucherSign Up

Best Paid Survey App 2021 Review


One of the best android survey apps is i-Say.

The first mobile survey apps for cash is i-Say. I already loved using this site to make money, and both their Apple and Android survey app make it even easier.

The main reasons why this is one of the best survey apps to make money is their ease of use and regularity of surveys. This is one of the few high paying survey apps which requires few details yet reliably provides me with plenty of survey offers.

It’s easy to earn 1oo – 300 points per survey (a couple of pounds) and I’ve found them to be one of the highest paying survey apps.

Unfortunately, they don’t use PayPal or direct bank transfer to redeem points, but they offer prepaid Mastercard’s making them one of the good survey apps that pay cash.

They’re one of my favourite survey apps to earn money.

Sign up to i-Say here.


Toluna is a great mobile app survey platform.

Toluna is one of the most popular survey websites, so it’s only fitting that they have one of the best survey apps that pay UK.

What makes them a standout among online survey apps is their sizeable global community, a huge rewards centre compared to other cash survey apps, and plenty of survey opportunities, sweepstakes and other benefits.

Another reason they are the best survey app Android and Apple offer is because they are among the highest paid survey apps. Surveys can pay anywhere from 15 points (for simple profile information) to several thousand points (potentially an immediate £5 payment).

Even though they are one of the best survey apps to make money UK, they have their disadvantages, the main one being that it can take quite a while to receive survey points.

However, they are one of the legit survey apps and top survey apps if you’re looking for plenty of survey opportunities and ways to make money, and Toluna has one of my favourite survey taking apps.

Sign up to Toluna here.


Another best survey app to make money is Swagbucks.

One of the most enjoyable survey apps that pay you for your time is Swagbucks.

What makes this one of the best online survey apps is not just that they are one of the top paying survey apps, but that they offer so many ways to make money.

You can earn points (or Swagbucks) from watching videos, downloading apps and playing games, completing surveys and more. They’re the best survey app to earn money if you get bored easily. You can even earn points from shopping online.

In addition to the above, they are also one of the best survey apps for cash as they are one of the survey apps that pay through PayPal. You can request a £5 PayPal payment when you earn 700 SBs.

Swagbucks is also one of the best survey paid apps for teens with a minimum signup age of 13.

In summary, Swagbucks is one of the survey apps that pay the most and one of the best free survey apps for variety.

Sign up to Swagbucks here.

Univox Community

Univox is a popular mobile survey app.

The next site among the best free online survey apps is Univox Community. When registration is open, I recommend you sign up straight away and download their app.

They are one of the best survey apps to get paid the way you want, with options to receive a PayPal payment and Amazon gift voucher among others. I find them fun to use and with a sizeable online community. They have particularly great forums with riddles and general knowledge.

You do need quite a few points to cash out – 2500 or £10 – which can take a bit longer to accumulate than some of the other best paid survey apps for iPhone and Android. However, the app is available across multiple devices making them the best survey app for iPad and tablets.

Univox Community do, however, have some of the best mobile survey app payments for surveys where you can earn up to a few pounds per survey.

Sign up to Univox Commuity here.


Among the best paid survey apps UK is MOBROG.

If you’re looking for legitimate survey apps that pay via PayPal, MOBROG is one of your best options.

This is yet another option among online survey apps free in the Google Play and Apple Store with both short and longer surveys that pay between £0.50 and £3.

When it comes to what is the best survey app, MOBROG is one of the few that has been designed solely for use on your smartphone. Therefore, the app does work very well.

I find the surveys easy and interesting, but compared to other survey reward apps they don’t offer me a huge amount of surveys. However, you may have more luck!

Sign up to MOBROG here.

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is among the survey apps that pay UK.

Among the top Andorid and iPhone survey apps that pay is Opinion Bureau.

This is one of the few money making survey apps where I receive quite a few offers for well paying surveys, and it’s not rare to receive survey offer for £5.

Opinion Bureau rewards are on par with other survey earning apps, and you can opt for a PayPal payment or Amazon, Flipart or other gift voucher.

They’re also one of the few reliable paid survey apps iPhone and Android offers for teens. Anyone over 14 years old can sign up.

Best of all, they are one of the most reliable sites the UK offers, but note that there can be quite a delay to receive points, and therefore some patience is required.

Sign up to Opinion Bureau here.

IRIS Panel

The final survey apps to make money is Ipsos iris.


One of the best survey apps 2021 to easily earn money is the Ipsos IRIS panel.

What makes this the best free survey app is that there’s very little you have to do to earn points. You simply install their app for surveys on your phone and your computer and let it run in the background.

By installing their free mobile survey app, you’ll earn 50 points per month (or £5 per month). By installing the computer app as well as the mobile phone survey app, you can earn £7.50 per month. That’s up to £90 per year!

They have quite a good catalogue of gifts and rewards you can claim, and they have one of the best survey apps for iPhone and Android which doesn’t impact device speed.

You even get 200 points for signing up as a bonus (£20!) after the first month.

Sign up to IRIS Panel here.

GfK MediaView

One of the top free survey apps is GfK MediaView.

When it comes to legit survey apps that pay, GfK MediaView works a little differently. However, if you watch a fair bit of TV, this could be one among the potential online survey apps that pay you.

The advantage of this site is that they are one of the quick and easy to use survey apps that pay you money. If you want quick and relevant surveys, then they could be one of the best mobile survey apps for you and worth having on your phone.

However, what prevents them from being one of the best survey for cash apps is that there is no guarantee you’ll get paid.

As they are one of the legit paid survey apps to only offer prize draws, they can potentially be one of the highest paying survey apps 2021 – if you win the prizes. There is no guarantee this will happen which for most people prevents them from being the best survey apps that pay cash.

However, people do win. For this to be one of the best survey apps that pay you, you need to satisfy all criteria – watch TV, complete quick surveys and hope you win the prizes.

Sign up to GfK MediaView here.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen mobile is one of the top survey apps to make money easily.


Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel has to be one of the best paying survey apps to passively earn money. It works differently than many of the best survey taking apps above in that all you need to do is have the app installed on your mobile and computer.

Nielsen is a free online survey app that works by collecting data on your internet habits by running in the background. The information they collect is added to a pool of data and separated from you so it’s anonymous, and you earn points from this monthly.

They could be considered the best offline survey app in that although you do need to be online, you really don’t have to do anything other than have the app installed across your devices. As with even the best legit survey apps, there can be a delay of up to a week to receive points and you do need to be 18 years old to sign up.

Still, they are one of the best survey apps for money 2021 offers where you can earn over £60 per year.

Sign up to Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel here.

We hope this list of the best paid survey apps has helped you! Any questions on legit paying survey apps you find can be asked below. If you’re looking to make more money online, read about the best survey sites UK offers here or find all my guides to the top survey sites here.