My Third Trip Funded By Online Surveys

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Sharing some personal good news with you all! I just recently had my third trip. My consistency with online surveys has paid off again and I’d earned enough to pay for a holiday in Italy!

While right now can seem like a weird time to be booking travel, I personally also think it’s important. These weird times will end and I am really ready to explore again.

For my next trip, I’m aiming big and want to visit Tasmania (see why here!).

So you might be wondering how I was able to fund this quite costly trip? Well, let me share more about it with you.

Survey account withdrawals are not automatic and can’t be set to withdraw certain amounts at a fixed schedule. My favourite sites let me pick the vouchers and gift cards available on their site. Just before deciding on this Italy trip, I redeemed my points for just enough vouchers and gift cards and did a payout via PayPal for the remaining funds I have.

As many of you already know, I love giving gift cards to my friends. But I recently decided to save these up for myself and it turned out to be enough to pay my groceries for two months! I can’t believe I’d been giving them away willy nilly. I might be a single guy at the moment but my grocery bills can be equal to thrice my number so can imagine how much I saved in a month’s time. And this is why I was able to afford my trip to Italy – no groceries for two months!

The above experience only proves that you can do anything you set your mind to. To be successful with paid surveys, you need to stay updated and informed of the survey offers and rewards to be quick and make good decisions. Make sure you never miss a single survey or online offer so that you’ll be able to travel the same way I do.

Last month was indeed a blast. I am also thinking about keeping you guys in the loop with my latest income reports. Should any of you be interested, I’d appreciate if you let me know in the comments below.

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By David Hutchison

David is a survey fanatic who has been earning money from online surveys for over 2 years. He works a full time job and uses paid surveys as an additional income.