Survey Sites For Brits 2023: YouGov Review

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By doing paid surveys, you open the door to receiving gift cards and vouchers just for exchanging a bit of your time. Each site has rewarding benefits of their own, but few sites beat YouGov.

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With YouGov, you can make money by taking part in their surveys – nothing more, nothing less. Nothing beats earning real cash while making your opinion count.

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YouGov Review 2023

Regularity of surveys

Signing up to YouGov, as with the majority of survey sites, is free and simple. You can sign up to their website by providing some basic personal data and your email address. Your demographic information will be the basis of the surveys that are sent your way, so make sure to fill this in completely and accurately.

Survey notifications are delivered via email notification. You can choose to take part in surveys at home or on-the-go with their convenient survey mobile app. I find this very useful while using public transport.

Earning points

You earn points for every survey you complete and turn these points into real cash. The more surveys you complete, more you’ll earn.

For every survey you complete, you’ll be entered into the monthly lottery to win a share of thousands of pounds.


YouGov surveys are much shorter than the average survey site, taking only 5-10 minutes on average. Each survey pays around 500-1000 points.

You will earn £10 for every 1000 points you receive.

How to redeem points?

YouGov may not have many options when it comes to redeeming points, but what they do offer is cash transfer. This is the best option for me.

When you collect a minimum of 5000 points, you will be able to redeem £50 cash to your account. You’ll need some patience though as cash from surveys is applied within a month after point redemption, although many reviews have stated they receive cash much sooner.

Things to note

Since cash transfer may take some time, make sure to join other sites to maximise your earnings while you wait for the funds. Find a list of sites that pay cash for surveys here.

Summary – 4.0/5

YouGov is a quality site with a wide range of survey topics from products, companies, politics and even your current favourite TV shows.

Their mobile app makes surveys convenient to complete as you can do them from everywhere. So long as you have your phone and an internet connection, you can make money. They are definitely worth a try!

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By David Hutchison

David is a survey fanatic who has been earning money from online surveys for over 2 years. He works a full time job and uses paid surveys as an additional income.