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If you’re after the highest paying online survey site options in one place then consider signing up to the Survey Club.  Unlike other paid surveys UK offers, this site connects you to the highest paid online surveys – so they are like a middle man referring you on to other sites.

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Some people like this sort of thing, others prefer to sign up to the sites individually, after they’ve researched which ones are worthwhile.  The good thing about SurveyClub is they do appear to recommend some of the same high paying online survey sites as I do, so they are certainly one of the legitimate surveys for money UK sites if you prefer to use this sort of platform.

If you’re considering signing up SurveyClub, then a great place to start is by reading this SurveyClub review.  As in all my paid surveys reviews, I’ll take you through everything you need to know about SurveyClub to decide whether they provide the right kind of online surveys for money for you.

If you’re wondering is Survey Club legit, then read my Survey Club reviews 2023 below or click here to sign up now.

SurveyClub Review 2023

Regularity of Surveys

Most people want to get paid for surveys fast, and the good news with SurveyClub is that given they are a platform for multiple survey sites, you’ll get the opportunity to complete a stack of surveys.

Survey Club sign up is free and easy for anyone over the age of 13.  Like all the best survey sites, to sign up, you’ll just need to provide some personal details so they can match you with the right surveys.  You’ll also need to provide an email address and once it’s validated, you’re all good to go.

Read any good Survey Club review and you’ll see that not setting up the profile properly is where people often go wrong and where people end up questioning does Survey Club really work?  

If you don’t do this step properly you won’t get as many opportunities to earn money from surveys and even when you do get the offers there is a higher chance you won’t qualify because you aren’t the type of person they are looking for.

Whether you receive surveys straight away will depend a lot on your demographics.  For me, I received consistent surveys to make money pretty much as soon as I signed up.

Earning Points

As SurveyClub is a platform connecting you with some of the best paid survey sites, the method in which you earn points will vary from site to site.  However with most of the top paid surveys sites, you earn points by completing surveys.  

As to ow many points you earn varies greatly between the survey websites, but generally, you’ll earn more points the longer and more complex the survey is.

Some of the best paid surveys sites allow you to earn points by doing little activities, downloading apps, searching the internet, participating in polls or referring your friends.  Other free online survey sites offer entries into sweepstakes where there are cash prizes.  

Although primarily a site to connect you with other survey companies, SurveyClub also offers its own surveys from time to time.  With these surveys, you will simply earn Survey Club cash – no points, so it’s really simple.

As you’ll see from reading other SurveyClub reviews, from time to time SurveyClub may also invite you to be part of one of their focus groups.  As part of a Survey Club research focus group, you’ll get the opportunity to test products and report on your experiences.


How much you’ll get paid to do surveys with SurveyClub really depends on the survey site you are directed too.  You can expect to earn anywhere from 10p to £2.50.  

You’ll know exactly how much you’ll earn prior to commencing the survey as it will be stated in the email offer.  This way you can decide whether the survey is worth your time and effort.

How to Redeem Points?

How to redeem points will again vary from site to site.  However the majority of survey sites allow you to redeem your points for cash payments or gift vouchers.  Usually, the online surveys that pay cash make payment via PayPal.  Gift vouchers are often available and include stores such as Amazon and other well known retailers.

When you do surveys for money, each of the survey sites will have their own minimum threshold of points you need to accrue before you can redeem any points.  The minimums vary greatly from points equivalent to £2.50, right up to around £30.

SurveyClub also offers their own online surveys for cash.  For these surveys, you will be paid actual cash.  You’ll receive your cash payment once you’ve accumulated $25 USD.

Things to note

As SurveyClub is a platform that connects you to a range of different survey sites, it may take you longer to reach the minimum thresholds to redeem points.  This is not a Survey Club scam, it’s just the nature of using lots of different survey sites.

If you want to make money doing surveys fast, I’d recommend focusing on a few different survey sites so you can reach your thresholds sooner.

Summary – 3.5 / 5

SurveyClub is a great platform for those people looking for a one stop shop where they can be connected to all the top paying survey sites in the UK.  However for others this can be problematic as it takes longer to be rewarded due to the various minimum thresholds you need to meet.

My personal recommendation would be to do your research and find a few great quality survey sites to work with directly.  For others, SurveyClub is a great way to connect to a range of survey sites.

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By David Hutchison

David is a survey fanatic who has been earning money from online surveys for over 2 years. He works a full time job and uses paid surveys as an additional income.